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Living Life Like You Only Have a Day Left to Live

Imagine you knew today was your last day to live, would you say something you’ve been meaning to say? Would you run to the airport and visit the world? Would you tell that person that you loved them? Would you now do everything you have wanted to do before you’re gone?


What a sense of urgency comes from knowing that your time is up... Reality is that time is always up, things end, and opportunities fade away if we do not seize them on time.

So, how do we overcome our fears and achieve our goals and dreams before they are gone?

Well, isn’t this the hardest question to answer in life and the reason why all humans aren’t jumping around and screaming of joy because all their dreams have come true?


Most likely, we can’t achieve all of the things that we want in life, but it is our duty (to our future selves) to try. As The Rolling Stones song goes “you can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, well you just might find you get what you need”.

Sometimes we wait until those great things happen so that we can be happy: get into that school and I’ll be happy, get into that class and I’ll be happy, go on that trip and I’ll be happy and in all that waiting to be happy, we forget to be happy NOW.


Why would you do that thing you have been meaning to do when you KNOW that time is up and not when you have the time to work on it and see its effects? Many times, when we want something we only see the struggle of the process to get to a future value, without seeing its aftermath. However, if we find moments of joy, reward, satisfaction, fulfillment in the process, we won’t need to wait until things get to the finish line, because they will be happening ALL the time. With this mentality, you enjoy the process and you can live life every single day like it was your last.


In such a way you would be able to enjoy the ride of life on a never ending rollercoaster even though it could stop and crash at any moment.

Imagine a life where there is no waiting, but just doing.

Pheew, what a rush of life that would be.

5:00 AM : early wake

7:00 AM : skydive out of an airplane

9:00 AM : swim with sharks

11:00 AM : invite your special someone out for brunch and tell them you love them

1:00 PM : knock on the door of your dream company and convince them to hire you

3:00 PM visit your grandparents and give them a big hug

and so on...

Never leaving a word unsaid, a moment slip, an instinct ignored, just following your heart every hour of every day, as if it was your last.


It might be too exhausting to attempt to change your mentality from one day to another, but it is something you can slowly implement into your day and start feeling like the superhero of your story with your own decisions onto the path you desire. For example: Try saying “yes” to something you usually say “no” to or “no” to something you usually say “yes” to, try calling an old friend you have been wondering about, try sending a message or calling a company you like, try sharing your dreams with others (you never know if someone has already achieved it and is willing to share advice), try to get up in the morning and tell yourself you are awesome, try to talk to a stranger, try booking a trip to somewhere you have never been, try listening to your gut, essentially try being yourself in every single way.


By slowly adding the things you want to do into your daily life, the world can truly be yours. You will feel fearless and in charge of your life, you smile and laugh at yourself, you will get to know yourself better, and best of all you’ll be able to love yourself a little more everyday.


There is enough time to do all those things you have been wanting to do, so go out and enjoy the ride: Like today was your last day of life.

You’re Awesome!


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1 Comment

Mercedes Villagra
Mercedes Villagra
Sep 18, 2021

Que buen mensaje, felicitaciones!

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