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Coti Zavala


Hi there! My name is Constanza (Coti) Zavala and I am a Production Coordinator at Empire Entertainment. I graduated from Bentley University with a Major in Creative Industries and a Minor in Entrepreneurship. I am from Argentina, but I have lived in 5 countries. Also, I just spent 4 months living on a cruise ship and traveling the world. I am driven by innovation and creativity, I am great at coming up with ideas and putting words into action. *Ding* I have an idea! Get to know me!

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My Work


IDCC Website Redesign

Spring 2021

I took a course Spring 2021 called IDCC 370 WebDesign I: Information Design, Principles and Practices in which I learned how to use Photoshop. In order to practice my skills, I was tasked with creating 2 Web Redesign projects: one of a homepage and another of a homepage, primary page, and secondary page. Here is my work resulted from these assignments.


Project 1: Harley Davidson 

The first redesign I did was for the company Harley Davidson. I was inspired by their brand being a lifestyle for their consumers, which led me to recreating the visual of a tattoo of the brand's logo on the rider's arm. I used photoshop to create this project.

Project 2: MoMA

The second redesign I did for these series was one for the Modern Museum of Art (MoMA) in New York City. For these series I wanted to capture the way in which art expresses itself within New York City, such as in the streets through street art and grafitti. I used photoshop to integrate the streets and walls of New York with pictures of Art around New York and the world.

Social Media Posts for New Women Space

Spring 2021

As part of my job at New Women Space as Social Media Manager, I am in charge of producing and promoting the content for distribution on Social Media. These are some of the graphics I have created for the distribution of them on their Instagram and Facebook with over 16k followers.

Coti Botch

Fall 2020

These series of digital drawings were inspired by the "botch" created by Aracelli Segura on her page @showerthoughtsnyc on Instagram. I created my own version of it after myself. I created the first version of these for my IDCC 375 User Interface Design Course during the Fall of 2020 to better use Zoom background functions. After that, I created some alternate version for personal enjoyment.

IDCC Sticker Design

Fall 2020


This sticker was created for an assignment for a course I took during the Spring of 2021: IDCC 240 Fundamentals of Visual Communication. For this assignment I had to create a sticker that had a specific message that played on words and had visual elements that tied with the message. I decided of creating a sticker that promotes people wearing their masks during the COVID-19 pandemic through a cute illustration of an avocado and a play on words with the words "avocado" and "doing". I thought of this design as being pasted on grocery stores, farmer's market, or even restaurants!

Home Collage

Fall 2020

As I have mentioned before, I have lived in 7 countries, this piece is inpired on the memories of each place and how they all build up my home: a combination of landmarks, textures, and memories that build the representation of my home.

Home Collage

Home Collage

Splash The City

Fall 2020


I created this piece by digitalizing an art piece I previously made and using its colors to express my thoughts and mood as I traveled to New York. I made this piece using Illustrator on the train from Boston to New York City.

Potato on Paper

Summer 2020

In the summer of 2020, during quarantine I created these series of art pieces using potatoes as stamps to create art. I used acrylic paint on paper and a variety of techniques to produce them. In these series I was inspired by tropicality and love.

"Calavera No Chilla"
Potato Stamp
"Papaya & Glamour"
"Look Jimmy, No Hands!"
"Lluvia de besos en otoño"
"Tamo Todo Loco"
Ginger Stamp
"Fruto Caribeño"
"Melones. No son tuyos, son de ella!"

CLIC Newsletter

Fall 2021

Screen Shot 2022-02-09 at 7.17.32 PM.png

Since 2019-2021 I worked at the Center for Languages and International Collaboration (CLIC) at Bentley University as a Spanish and Italian tutor for students and faculty. Aside from tutoring, we would also take Task Force roles to help keep our prescence in the community active. During the Fall of 2021, I was Newsletter Task Force and I was in charge of putting together the Semester Newsletter, alongside 2 fellow tutors. I designed this Newsletter throughout the whole Semester as my closing project for CLIC.

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